Electrostatic C type Conductive Jumbo Bags

Electrostatic C type Conductive Jumbo Bags

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Glasnost India is Manufacturer, Supplier Electro Static C Type Conductive Jumbo Bags. These have break down voltage less than 10 to the power 8 ohms. These are made using conductive film tapes and are used to ground the electrostatic charge which may develop during the emptying or filling procedure. These bags are ideal for use in environments where explosives or related conditions are present that can cause an ignition due to electrostatic charges. Sewing is done in grid pattern. Also, a grounding point is provided on the bag which permits connection of bag with the ground. This also safely disposes the collected static charges.

  • Main Points of Electrostatic C type Conductive Jumbo Bags
  • Also known as Type C FIBC bags (Conductive FIBC)
  • All standard sizes are available such as 90cm*90cm*100cm
  • Used for API dye intermediate, pigments, rubber chemicals and specialty chemicals
  • Also ideal for transporting dry, flammable powders
  • About Type C Conductive Jumbo Bags